Wyoming (BlackburnNews.com file photo)

Deputy Mayor Considered In Plympton-Wyoming

After eliminating the position following the 2014 municipal election, Plympton-Wyoming CAO Carolyn Tripp says they’ve asked staff to report back to council on what needs to be done to bring back a deputy mayor at the 2018 municipal election.

That person could fill in at county council if the mayor is unavailable.

“It was felt at that time the position wasn’t necessary because they couldn’t provide the back up if the mayor wasn’t able to attend a county council meeting,” says Tripp. “The deputy mayor’s role wasn’t that much dissimilar to that of a regular councillor. But now, with the amount of workload, the amount of development happening in our community, plus this opportunity to have an alternate at county council, it seems appropriate to bring it back.”

Staff will likely report back to council in November, and if they decide to bring back the deputy mayor’s position, they will also figure out how it will be added.

It could be added to the ballot, selected by the winning mayor or awarded to the councillor with the most votes.

The mayor’s honorarium is $5,650 and each councillor is paid $2,825.

In previous years, the deputy mayor made 75% more than the honorarium paid to a councillor.