'Chew on This' bags. BlackburnNews.com file photo.

‘Chew On This’ Sarnia-Lambton

Canadians are looking to deport hunger and poverty right out of the country.

Tuesday, the “Chew on This!” campaign, in association with Dignity for All, will be handing out lunch bags on street corners to raise awareness for a Federal Anti-Poverty Plan.

The bags will include a “food-for-thought” apple, and a postcard that people can sign and have sent to parliament in Ottawa. Organizers hope this will engage the country and call for a long-term solution to this problem.

“There’s too much poverty in Canada that is forcing people to choose between housing and food for their family,” says spokesperson Thea deGroot. “This certainly isn’t just people on social assistance, but those who are the so-called working-poor as well.”

She went on to say that the campaign has taken steps in the right direction over the past four years, and that the government is now talking about an anti-poverty plan.

Over 850,000 Canadians use the food bank on a monthly basis, one in three of them being children. Since 2008, food banks have seen a 28% increase in use.