New training facility for carpenters located at 101 Business Park Drive, Sarnia.

Carpenter’s Local 1256 Open’s New Training Facility

A new training facility is opening doors for carpenters in the Sarnia-Lambton community.

Carpenter’s Local 1256 held their grand opening Saturday afternoon to showcase some of the buildings many state-of-the-art features.

“It makes it so much easier to perform the work when you have the right equipment,” says Business Manager Bob Schenck. “Just overall, it’s a lot nicer, bigger and an easier place to train.”

The facility has an in-ground pit which will allow workers to drive stakes through the winter months, as well as an overhead crane. Schenck says this will prepare carpenters for moving heavy steel formwork, a requirement at many job sites.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, head to 101 Business Park Drive in Sarnia.

Workers set up a rock-climbing wall for grand opening of new training facility.

Carpenter’s Local 1256 banner at grand opening for new training facility.