Cigarette butts. Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / paktaotik

No-Smoking Policies for Multi-Unit Housing

Owners of multi-use dwellings are being encouraged to butt-out smoking in their buildings.

Lambton Public Health is teaming up with the Sarnia Fire Rescue Service to promote no-smoking policies in apartments, condominiums and other multi-unit housing buildings.

“Tenants can encourage their landlords to adopt a no-smoking policy,” says Heath Promoter Paul Buttery.  “These policies are legal and enforceable for landlords, and help ensure the health and safety of all residents in their building.”

The Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal says cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are the leading ignition source of fatal residential fires.  Another reason for this initiative is to eliminate second-hand smoke, which contains more than 7,000 chemicals that affect the health of all residents.  

Landlords can implement this policy to reduce the risk of fire, improve the health of residents, and also lower the costs of renovations to their building.

Fire Prevention Week is being held from October 8-14.