Great Lakes Secondary School, Sarnia. file photo.

SAT Session Monday Evening

A presentation for writing the SAT’s will be held at Great Lakes Secondary School on Monday evening at 7pm.

Guidance counsellor Ryan Bedard will be offering tips, strategies and general information to students interested in taking the standardized test.

He’ll be discussing the different parts of the test, how long it will take, and what kind of questions students can expect to be asked. Students can learn about study plans, practice material, and eligibility requirements for student-athletes joining the NCAA.

Bedard will also be offering the practice SAT test, or pSAT, on October 25 at 6pm to the first 40 students who apply.

“I definitely encourage everyone to practice an SAT test,” says Bedard.  “It’s an excellent way to simulate the test, and it gives the students a good feel of what it will be like.”

The one hour presentation will take place in the Great Lakes Secondary auditorium and is free to anyone wishing to attend.