MADD memorial bench in Centennial Park. file photo.

MADD Bench Dedication And Candlelight Vigil

A solid stone bench now sits next to the St. Clair River in Centennial Park.

MADD Canada held a memorial bench dedication and annual candlelight vigil Thursday evening to commemorate the victims, and remind the public of the dangers of impaired driving.

Everyday, four Canadians die and many others are injured as a result of impaired driving.  This makes crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs are the leading criminal cause of death in Canada.

MADD Sarnia-Lambton President Natalie Andrews is a victim of impaired driving and was on hand to share her message.

“This bench is there because someone has been killed or injured by a drunk driver,” says Andrews. “When people are walking by and they see this, they’re going to remember.”

Andrews recalled her experience with an impaired driver from 2007.  A man driving well over the speed limit rear-ended her vehicle, sped off down the street, then struck and killed a pedestrian. This incident took place ten years ago, but Andrews still suffers from physical and emotional pain.

She says the bench has a special meaning to her because it’s a place of peace, and place where she can be taken away from that pain.

The monument is next to nature trail in Centennial Park just north of London Rd.

People walk along the St. Clair with candles to commemorate the victims of impaired driving.

Natalie Andrews, president of MADD Sarnia-Lambton, speaks at the annual candlelight vigil and memorial bench dedication