Blue Water Bridge May 2017 ( photo by Dave Dentinger)

Blue Water Bridge Currency Exchange Closing

The Blue Water Bridge currency exchange is closing as of February 28, 2018.

Federal Bridge Corporation (FBCL) spokesman Andre Girard says their mandate with the government is to run the bridge, not a currency exchange or any other kind of store.

He says, after careful review, the corporation concluded its overall business objectives would be best achieved through leasing the space to an independent third party and a competitive process will begin shortly.

“We would expect to see retail operations and the purpose of the exercise right now is exactly that,” says Girard. “To find businesses that will generate revenues for us and that will be helpful for the focus on the travellers on the bridge.”

Girard doesn’t rule out another currency exchange being operated by a third party.

“Right now everything is open, that’s why we’re taking a few months to do it, and we’ll evaluate all the options and pick the best,” he says.

The closure of the currency exchange will impact seven employees — a manager, four full-time cashiers and two part-time cashiers.

Girard says the separation package offers a lump sum severance payment, the continuation of benefits for one year after the closure, and additional funds for retraining to support the employees’ transition.

-With files from Stephanie Chaves