City/County Councillor Hacked

Andy Bruziewicz Facebook profile pic submitted by Andy Bruziewicz.

A Sarnia city/county councillor is reporting what he calls a “serious breach to his online presence.”

Andy Bruziewicz warned his peers at Lambton County Council Wednesday that his Facebook account has been hacked.

“It is serious and scary,” says Bruziewicz. “I have no control over it. Some messages are going, supposedly from me, and it’s not me.”

He says some of the messages are not nice and dozens of people have stopped following his page.

“There’s a danger that there may be a virus travelling with it. So that’s why I publicly stated it, because I don’t want the public to be victimized and of course I’m concerned about the effect it can have on me,” he says.

Bruziewicz says he has been working with Facebook to resolve the situation since the social networking service notified him that malicious software had impacted his account.

He asks that residents be cautious if they receive messages from him and that they notify him by e-mail or telephone if one is received.

Bruziewicz says he has not shut down his account, but will if it comes to that.