New Regional YMCA Possible At Walpole Island

The YMCA in Chatham. (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

A feasibility study will determine whether a YMCA operated community health, recreation and fitness centre will be built at an expanded Walpole Island Arena.

YMCA Vice President of Operations Liz Fletcher says it would serve not only Walpole Island but the surrounding district including Wallaceburg, Port Lambton and rural areas.

“Residents will be receiving a call at home and be asked questions about their past history with recreational facilities, the type of activities they’re doing, what type of activities they’re looking for,and if they would be willing to go to the proposed location ” says Fletcher. “The arena would stand on its own, but there is a lesser-known part of the building, the community centre, that we would look to expand on.”

Results should be in by mid to late summer.

Fletcher says Walpole Island First Nation would build and own the facility and the YMCA would operate it.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is paying for the market feasibility study