Front St. Crosswalk Planned Near Centennial Park

(Photo courtesy of image)

A potential $40,000 sponsorship from Shell Canada could help pay for installation of a new pedestrian crossing on Front St. near Sarnia’s Centennial Park.

City Councillor Mike Kelch says council has already approved the $90,000 crossing, which would see warning signs and flashing lights activated by pressing a button. Traffic would then stop for pedestrians.

“There’s always been a ‘soak’ period where people need to get used to the fact that it’s there,” says Kelch. “There will need to be some enforcement initially, along with education. We’re anticipating a rather large increase in the number of people who cross Front St. once we get the park open.”

Kelch hopes its installation roughly coincides with the reopening of the remediated park, set for June 2.

After being approached by the company, city staff submitted an application to Shell for sponsorship of the crosswalk and a new solar powered bus shelter on the west side of Front St.

The total project cost is about $140,000.