Local Runners At The Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon logo, courtesy runningusa.org.

Plenty of local runners made the trip to Massachusetts Monday for the 121st Boston Marathon.

Wes Harding, Michael Master and Jennifer Gray got underway at 10:30am, while Ken Walker and Rod Fraser started their race at 10:50am.

Harding says this is a special race for those who get to take part.

“It’s the only marathon in the entire world where you have to qualify, and according to the Boston Athletic Association, they only take the world’s top 1% of runners,” says Harding.

Harding’s sister, Chantelle Peters of Thedford, is also competing. Other local Ontario runners include Camlachie’s John Simpson, Wallaceburg’s Joe Perry and Lisa Myers from Wyoming.

The race features more than 30,000 runners from around the world, and fast times are expected, with a tailwind gusting up to 48 km/h in Boston.

Some runners are taking part from the other side of the St. Clair River,┬áRamon Ledezma from Fort Gratiot, Therese Damman from Marysville, as well as Port Huron’s Robert Emmert, Steve Heithoff and Glenn Witalec.

Here is an unofficial list of run times of local competitors:

  • John Simpson…3:46:54
  • Ken Walker…3:53:37
  • Joe Perry…3:54:57
  • Michael Master…3:55:55
  • Rod Fraser…4:04:26
  • Chantelle Peters…4:09:10
  • Wes Harding…4:09:11
  • Jennifer Gray…4:18:04
  • Lisa Myers…4:18:12