Future Of Jackson Pool Unclear

Jackson Pool In Sarnia (Blackburnnews.com Photo By Jake Jeffrey)

It’s unclear when or if Sarnia’s Jackson Pool will reopen.

Council decided last April to “temporarily” close the 44 ft by 82 ft in-ground pool on East St.

Sarnia Councillor Dave Boushy, who voted against the closure last year saying he didn’t think it would be temporary, pressed staff for an update Monday.

“I haven’t received any information lately. So, where are we with Jackson Pool?” Boushy asked parks and recreation staff.

Director Rob Harwood says they’re still working on a report for council.

“We expect to bring that sometime in the next couple of months,” says Harwood.

When asked what options staff were investigating, whether to build another pool or repair the existing one, Harwood says they are still assessing the damages.

“The damage to that pool is excessive, to be quite honest with you,” says Harwoods. “At this point, we are working through estimating exactly what that means and working on, of course, registration for all of the swimming pool programs that we were successful in putting through at Tecumseh Pool last year. We’re measuring the registration process again this year.”

In 2016, staff reported that the pool, built in 1966, was in need of major improvements.

Recommended structural repairs, a pool liner replacement, accessibility upgrades and asbestos remediation was estimated to cost over $167,000.