Spending Up Nearly 4% In Draft Police Budget

Sarnia Police Chief Phil Nelson (BlackburnNews.com photo by Stephanie Chaves)

The Sarnia Police Services draft budget for 2017 calls for a spending increase of 3.85%.

Police Chief Phil Nelson says some figures still have to come in before the $22.7-million draft can be finalized.

“That could change because the 3.85% is based on currently what we have projected, but we also have some additional costs yet, which haven’t come in,” says Nelson. “Traditionally the benefit costs are late coming in, we’re still waiting to hear about what it’s going to cost us for insurance for the year. We’re still bargaining. So, all of these things are yet undetermined. So, we really can’t set the final budget until those pieces to the puzzle are added.”

The police budget will be considered by Sarnia City Council during budget talks December 6.

There is a uniform complement of 111 officers.