Beardy Making An Impact Off The Field As Well

Randy Beardy is looking to make the most of his final year with the University of Windsor before embarking on his CFL career.

The fifth year Offensive Lineman was a fifth round pick of the Ottawa Redblacks in the most recent CFL draft.

“It was the greatest moment of my life, I’m happy to be in that organization, it was such a great moment,” says Beardy.

Beardy hopes to join the team once his varsity career comes to an end.

Away from the football field, the Psychology major does tremendous work with the University’s Bystander Initiative.

“It’s a community based approach to counteract sexual violence on campus, so I’d like to continue to be be involved with that,” he says.

As a football player on campus, he wanted to get involved in the initiative.

“It’s largely viewed as a women’s issue, which couldn’t be further from the case, it affects everyone,” says Beardy. “I think men have a big role in stopping sexual violence anywhere, not just college campuses.”

On the field, the 6’7″ 290lbs lineman takes his job very seriously.

“O-line pride is a big thing, you’ve gotta be a sick kind of dude to go out and head bang as much as O-linemen do but it’s definitely rewarding,” says Beardy. “You’ve got to have an altruistic mindset, where you’re not the guy in the lime light, but you’re the guy that’s making sure you’re team is doing the things it takes to win.”

Randy beardy Redblacks Headshot

Randy Beardy

Beardy’s immediate goal will be to make Ottawa’s roster, he will head to the team’s camp when he finishes school in April.

He was able to take in a couple games in the nation’s capitol this summer, and can hardly wait to get back to work with the Redblacks.

“I was there for six weeks during the season, it was nice to check out the city. My morning bike ride was along the Rideau Canel, so it doesn’t get much better than that,” says Beardy.

Beardy is one of several Northern Collegiate graduates currently playing football in the CIS, including his Windsor teammate Brett Boersma. Others include Paul Kaija with the University of Waterloo, and Mitchell Smiley with Western University.

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