Area Residents Claim Wind Turbines Compromise Well Water

Wind turbine base. ( photo by Melanie Irwin)

There are growing concerns about the impact of wind turbines on well water quality in Lambton and Chatham-Kent.

The Water Wells First campaign is advocating for protection from vibration and seismic coupling from the construction and operation of turbines.

Ontario Ground Water Association Executive Director Craig Stainton says the result is dirty and turbid well water.

“It has certainly become evident that the ground formations in that area are susceptible to the vibrations caused by the pounding of (pile driving) pylons for the construction of the windmills and then the vibrations transferred into the ground by the windmills while they are operational,” he says.

Stainton says they want the provincial government to place a moratorium on pile driving foundations for wind turbine construction in the area, and have vibration suppression and monitoring equipment installed on new turbines.

A protest was being held Wednesday afternoon on Countryview Line and Caledonia Rd. near Dresden.