Improved Patient Satisfaction At Bluewater Health

Bluewater Health has achieved the highest Accreditation rating in the organization’s history.

President and CEO Mike Lapaine says the hospital achieved patient satisfaction scores of over 97%.

He salutes front line workers who have gone above and beyond, despite the elimination of 80 net employees because of $7-million in provincial funding cuts over the past three years.

“We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in spite of the fact that resources have been pulled out of the hospital at quite a significant rate over the past four years,” says Lapaine.

“But I’ll point back to our patient satisfaction rates. We still have a very good patient satisfaction rate. We realize we’re not perfect and there’s still work to be done.”

Lapaine says Bluewater Health has “refreshed” its new Strategic Plan to accelerate the inclusion of the patient’s voice in the decision making process in their health care.