Cyclists Raise Awareness For Injured Workers

The 2nd annual "Justice for Injured Workers Ride" Thursday. May 26, 2016 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Various cyclists on route from Windsor to Toronto passed through Corunna and Sarnia Thursday for the second annual “Justice for Injured Workers Ride.”

It’s part of a 600 km bike ride that visits 10 communities in total, including Toronto on June 1 where the cyclists will take part in a rally at Queen’s Park.

Injured worker and rider Peter Page says they’re raising awareness on aggressive cuts made to injured workers’ benefits.

“It’s not just the injured worker who suffers, it’s the whole family that suffers,” he says. “Break-ups, we suspect suicides, people turning to drugs because of their pains, and are drinking. A lot of social ills that happen from having a workplace accident.”

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board intends to reduce employer premiums by 45% in the coming years.

Page has an issue with this as many injured workers are forced into poverty while employers are saving over $2-billion annually.