Missing Worker Memorial. BlackburnNews.com photo by Melanie Irwin.

Government Decision On Asbestos Welcomed

A local anti-asbestos advocate is welcoming the Canadian government’s decision to ban the use of the material in new construction and renovation projects at buildings it operates.

Stacy Cattran is the co-founder of the Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos. Her father died of mesothelioma in 2008 following workplace exposure in the Sarnia area.

“We’re really excited, its a promising sign this government intends to take some action regarding the asbestos issue and its a great first step towards a complete ban on asbestos,” says Cattran. “It seems crazy in 2016 to still be putting asbestos into buildings.”

Cattran is still hopeful Canada will join Austrailia, New Zealand, and 28 European Union members by putting a full ban on asbestos.

The chemical is used in buildings, brake parts and cement piping among other things.