Bradley Pushes For Asbestos Ban

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley speaks with (File Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Sarnia’s mayor is again putting pressure on the federal government to ban the export of asbestos and its use in Canadian workplaces.

Mike Bradley has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in hopes the country will join the 50 nation ban of the deadly substance.

He says exposure to asbestos has been a big problem in Sarnia-Lambton, and can lead to cancer and mesothelioma decades down the road.

“What is prompting this letter now, is concern as the federal government rolls out billions of dollars in infrastructure funding that it’ll involve a lot of construction projects that still use asbestos. That cannot be allowed to happen,” says Bradley.

Bradley says the Liberals were committed to banning asbestos during their election campaign, and he’s hopeful they’ll keep that promise.

In 2001, Sarnia became the first city in Canada to officially call for a ban on the mineral.

He says there’s support from agencies including the Canadian Cancer Society and World Health Organization.