$100K For 402 Temporary Restoration

Transport truck load hits Indian Rd. overpass. November 23, 2015 (BlackburnNews.com Photo by Briana Carnegie)

November’s oversize load crash at the Hwy. 402 Indian Rd. overpass has cost the County of Lambton almost $100,000 for temporary restoration of two-way traffic.

According to a county information report, $10,000 in engineering services and $85,000 in construction costs were provided as an emergency expenditure.

Infrastructure and Development General Manager Jim Kutyba says they’re currently exploring legal avenues to get the money back.

He says full repairs of the overpass, expected sometime this spring, will be covered by the province.

“Indian Rd. is a county road in the city that goes over the 402 but the structure is the ministry’s,” says Kutyba. “The ministry will pick up all the cost of actually repairing the structure and realigning the road there so it works as it did before the accident.”

The City of Sarnia provided signage and lane markers in the project and assisted monitoring traffic until MTO work was complete.

Two-way traffic on Indian Rd. was restored 25 days after the November 23 crash, when a transport truck’s load collided with and caused significant structural damage to the overpass undercarriage.

Ontario Provincial Police say there’s no word yet on any charges in the overpass collision.