St.Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold. file photo

St. Clair Twp. Budget Not Increasing

There will be no increase in St. Clair Township’s capital budget for 2016 as council copes with a one per cent or $97,000 decrease in Ontario Municipal Partnership funding.

Mayor Steve Arnold says they have only one major project planned: the remediation of the bridge over the St. Clair Parkway Darcy McKeough diversion channel.

“That bridge now is getting into that 40 year life cycle, and there are some issues with it,” says Arnold. “That’ll be probably our single largest expenditure at this time. It’s a project that has to be done, or course, because that’s the main artery coming up River Rd.”

Mayor Arnold says they’re looking into alternatives to brining and salting roads and bridges because it’s taken a toll on the township infrastructure.

He says they may take another look at beet juice-saline mixture that was too expensive the last time they considered it.