Jessica Nethery. (Photo submitted by the Nethery family.)

Molitor Granted Day Parole

The sister of murder victim Jessica Nethery says killer Jeremy Molitor has been granted day parole.

In an email to, Stephanie Nethery says Molitor has successfully appealed an earlier parole board decision.

At a hearing in British Columbia Thursday, Nethery says Molitor was granted day parole provided he meets numerous conditions, including not entering Ontario without written and approved consent.

Nethery says Molitor is not allowed to contact any members of the Nethery family or friends, directly or indirectly, he must check in with his parole officer every four hours, and he must adhere to a set curfew and not consume any drugs or alcohol.

Molitor was convicted of second degree murder in the May 2002 death of Jessica Nethery in December 2004 and was sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 14 years.

Nethery says he is eligible for full parole in May of next year and the family is closely monitoring the process to determine if there will be another hearing.

“We were told that the parole board did receive quite a few victim impact statements and my family and I would like to thank those who took the time to write into the parole board,” says Nethery. “We are incredibly grateful for the huge amount of support that we received on the petition and from our community as a whole.”

Family and friends were flying back home from British Columbia Friday.

(With files from Dave Dentinger)