Fire Chief Optimistic For New Radio System

Fire Chief Walt Anderson chaired Wednesday's meeting in Wyoming answering questions on the proposed new radio system for local fire stations. September 9, 2015 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

St. Clair Township’s fire chief is optimistic Lambton County will approve a new radio system to serve local fire stations.

Chief Walt Anderson chaired a meeting of municipal mayors in Wyoming Wednesday afternoon answering questions on the proposal by Spectrum Communications.

Mayors agreed new infrastructure is needed to replace the unreliable 25-year-old system which often cuts frequency connection between firefighters on scene.

Chief Anderson says the outdated radio infrastructure has caused frustrations now for ten years.

“I’m actually more confident now than I was before the meeting,” says Chief Anderson. “I think everybody is aware now of the issues that were there.”

“We’ve put it on their plate and there’s a lot at state with the safety of the firefighters, so that point has got across.”

Dawn-Euphemia Mayor Alan Broad will be organizing another meeting to discuss financial implications between the municipalities, Mayors, and CAOs involved.

The proposed system by Spectrum Communications has an upset limit of $1.91-million and is expected to last 15-20 years.