Lambton College President Judith Morris toasts the college's success in securing $20-million total senior government funding for the Centre for Health Education and Sustainable Care. June 24, 2015 ( Photo by Briana Carnegie)

Lambton College Secures $20-million in Senior Government Funding for New Health Centre

Lambton College has secured federal and provincial funding totaling $20-million for a new Centre for Health Education and Sustainable Care.

Each government has provided $10-million towards the project, on top of the $5-million already secured from Lambton County.

Funding is provided through the Small Communities Fund, which supports infrastructure projects in communities less than 100,000 residents.

At an announcement made at the college’s event centre Wednesday afternoon, Lambton College President Judith Morris said the innovative facility will feature multi-functional laboratories, collaborative meeting spaces, and large interactive learning studios.

“Once that research is coupled with best practice, those students will of course benefit because they will be the ones that have the best skills to meet the employment needs of the future.”

Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry, on behalf of the provincial government, said the college will be able to provide skilled workers for the future.

“We can’t stay static in education and in workforce, we have to be looking to the jobs of the future,” says McGarry on what attracted her most to the health centre.

“This particular application does support some of the innovative, creative ways of really training our workforce in the future to be able to address some of the jobs that are happening now.”

The College still has $1.7-million left to raise before construction of the $30-million health centre in spring 2016.

The centre will be located beside the administrative building near the greenhouses.