CF Industries Announces Expansion

General Manager Robb Aultman (left), Premier Kathleen Wynne (middle), and VP of Site Operations Ashraf Malik (right) announce CF Industries expansion. June 18, 2015. (photo by Jake Jeffrey

CF Industries is expanding its Nitrogen Complex in Courtright.

The plan is to de-bottleneck the existing urea plant in order to upgrade ammonia into additional urea-based products.

Capacity for products including diesel exhaust fluid, granular urea and urea liquor, will increase by 130,000 tons.

Premier Kathleen Wynne was on hand for the announcement, and says it’s great news for the province’s chemical industry.

She says it’s terrific that long haul truckers will use the Diesel Exhaust Fluid produced here to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

Construction of the $105-million project will begin next year, with completion set for the summer of 2017.

Site General Manager Robb Aultman says the expansion helps strengthen their operation.

He says no new employees will be needed, but they will be using local contractors.

Based in Deerfield Illinois, CF Industries is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of nitrogen products, serving both agricultural and industrial customers.