Plympton Wyoming Backs Off In Turbine Battle

Wind turbine construction off Hwy 402 at Kerwood. (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Plympton-Wyoming is reluctantly backing down in its battle with Suncor over wind turbines.

At its meeting on Thursday, Plympton-Wyoming Council voted to repeal its noise bylaw designed to protect residents near industrial wind turbines.

Mayor Lonny Napper says the decision was based on legal advice that, under the current regulatory environment, the bylaw would not survive a legal challenge.

He says Suncor had launched another lawsuit against the town over the bylaw, prompting council to reluctantly agree that it wasn’t in ratepayers’ best interests to engage in litigation at this point.

The town is opposed to Suncor’s 46-turbine Cedar Point wind project in Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores, and Warwick Township.

Plympton-Wyoming says that just two weeks ago, the German Medical Association stated the health effects of infrasound and low-frequency sound from turbines were “still open questions.” The association called for the suspension of wind energy projects near residential areas until there is reliable data to exclude a safety hazard.