Road Work Exceeds 2014 Budget file photo.

Asphalt resurfacing and Michigan Rd. construction exceeded the City of Sarnia’s approved budget by $110,000 in 2014.

Staff will present a report to council Monday, recommending the over expenditure be paid through reserves.

Mayor Mike Bradley says drawing from reserves has happened frequently in the past few years and more discipline is needed.

He says projects could be delayed if they aren’t immediately viable or staff could bump another project.

Councillor Mike Kelch will present a motion Monday hoping to make it more difficult for the city to dig into reserves to fund deficits.

Kelch is asking that the quarterly budget reports presented to council also including a listing and explanation of all financial pressures that could lead to a year-end deficit.

He would also like staff to continue working on establishing a contingency operating reserve and reserve policy.

The city has placed just over $24-million into reserves this year with spending to exceed $26-million.