Ice Breakers Try To Keep Traffic Moving

CCGS Samuel Risley escorts the CSL Niagara on the St. Clair River near Algonac Michigan January 14 2015. Photo courtesy of Don Detloff

Canadian and US Coast Guard ice breakers continue to feel the pressure.

Canadian Coast Guard Superintendent of Regional Operations Andy Maillet said late Friday afternoon there was a backlog of ships waiting to be escorted through the St. Clair River.

He said eight vessels were waiting in Lake Huron to be escorted down river, while five were waiting to travel upbound.

Maillet says ice has been pouring into the river from Lake Huron this week making conditions very inconsistent.

He says the Samuel Risley turned over a section of ice 10 ft thick Thursday.

Maillet hopes milder weather on southwest winds Saturday will lessen or slow the amount of ice entering the St.Clair River, and perhaps help form an ice bridge north of the Blue Water Bridge.

He says that will keep the ice in Lake Huron and out of the river.