Expert Testimony At Turbine Hearing

A key witness is being heard from today at the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing into Suncor’s planned Cedar Point wind turbine project.

The County of Lambton, Plympton-Wyoming and the Bryce family are appealing the approval of Suncor’s 46 turbine development in Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick Township.

The hearing shifted from Camlachie to the county council chamber in Wyoming today.

An expert witness from the University of Lisbon will testify by video from Portugal on behalf of the Bryce appellants and speak to biological responses in the body to noise.

Anti-turbine spokesman Santo Giorno is well aware the tribunal dismissed an appeal of the NextEra project late last month for lack of evidence of adverse health effects.

Giorno says regardless of the outcome, the tribunal is a necessary step before the matter can be pursued further, perhaps at the Divisional Court level.