Mayor Bradley Seeks 9th Term

Long time Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley signs his nomination papers after announcing he will seek reelection. September 12, 2014 (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Sarnia’s 26-year mayor wants another four-years in office.

Mike Bradley announced his intentions during a news conference this morning and then filed his nomination papers.

Bradley says he’s discovered over the last few years his purpose in life is being mayor.

Bradley says if reelected he will continue to assist in the fight to get back a second daily train in and out of Sarnia. He will also continue work to return Centennial Park to public use and focus on the city’s transportation plan to make Sarnia a liveable city where you can walk and bike to work in safety.

Bradley says the newly elected council will also focus on setting an arena management strategy and official plan.

This will be Bradley’s 9th mayoral campaign since becoming the city’s youngest mayor in 1988 at the age of 33.

Another win and completion of the full term will extend his time in office to 30 years.