Cull Drain Bridge Trusses Spared

Fences surround the Cull Drain Bridge. Aug 4, 2014 ( photo by Jake Jeffrey)

The Cull Drain Bridge trusses have been spared!

Sarnia Council voted unanimously Monday to remove and dispose the bridge at Bright’s Grove, but salvage the trusses and relocate them to Mike Weir Park to possibly be preserved in the future.

The decision was met by applause from many members of the “Friends of the Cull Drain Bridge” sitting in council chambers.

Group spokesman Steve Loxton was happy with the decision, adding there is still a lot of work to do.

Councillor Anne-Marie Gillis, a long time advocate for the bridge, says the bridge is a critical part of our heritage.

The job will be done by Cope Construction for just over $226,000.

Sarnia Council voted August 7 to remove the structure on Old Lakeshore Rd. for safety reasons after an engineer’s inspection report recommended immediate action, saying the bridge was in danger of collapse.