Lambton College Screening For Ebola

Lambton College ( photo by Jake Jeffrey)

Lambton College is screening students from west Africa for symptoms of Ebola virus.

Student Services Executive Director Rob Kardas says as many as 60 students from Nigeria are attending the college this fall.

He says the school’s registered nurse has been working with Lambton Public Health and Bluewater Health to implement screening procedures.

Kardas says the measures are precautionary to ensure the students are healthy and the campus and community are kept safe.

Kardas says on their first day the students have a mandatory meeting with the registered nurse and have their temperature taken.  They are then given a kit that includes a thermometer and are asked to take their temperature twice a day.

There are mandatory follow up meetings with the nurse on day 10 and 21 which is the incubation period of Ebola.

Lambton Public Health Supervisor Erin Courtney says Ebola virus is not easily spread from person to person.  She says it’s spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluid, not through casual contact.