Unruly Young lady

BlackburnNews.com file photo of Sarnia police cruisers. (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

A 24-year-old Sarnia woman faces several charges after exhibiting some very un-ladylike behaviour.

City Police say an officer, parked on Front St. around 2am Saturday, noticed a commotion at a nearby drinking establishment.

Police allege when he rolled down his window a woman gave the officer a one finger salute accompanied by vulgar language.

Police say the woman appeared to be very intoxicated and when she entered the nearby bar, the officer followed her and asked her to leave.

Sarnia Police say when she refused, she was escorted out of the bar and taken to the police station to sober up.

When officers arrived at police headquarters, the woman allegedly continued to yell, swear and kicked an officer while telling him she would burn down his house and cause physical harm to him.

The woman has been charged with causing a disturbance, assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest and uttering threats.

Her name has not been released.