Six Hurt In London Costco Crash

The scene after a car reversed into a Costco store in London. (Photo by Avery Moore)

Two children and their mother are in critical condition in hospital after a car backed into the front entrance of the Costco building on Wellington Rd. S.

London police say six people, including the driver, were injured when the car crashed through the front doors around noon on Friday.

Two young girls and their pregnant mother are in critical condition at the Victoria Campus of the London Health Sciences Centre. The driver of the car, and two injured bystanders were rushed to University Hospital by EMS, but are not in critical condition.

Tracy Carne witnessed the crash. She says the car came out of nowhere.

“We just heard the rev, unbelievable rev and then an explosion. And then the glass, it was like a waterfall of glass.”

Costco employee Tino Casavecchia says he ran out of the tobacco cage in the front of the store when he heard the crash. He says he ran first to a small injured child.

“I basically saw the youngest child on the floor, she was bleeding from the mouth so I just held her in my arms telling her that she’s okay, ‘you’re okay, you’re going to be fine’,” says Casavecchia.

Another Costco employee says he ran out the front doors to keep people away from the broken glass and try to control the chaos.

Araam Wendy says he then ran back inside to see if everyone was okay.

“There was a 4-year-old who was severely bleeding, and then you had the 10 or 9-year-old daughter who was knocked out cold, and then the unconscious pregnant woman, the mother, who was knocked out as well,” says Wendy. “It was a pretty sad sight. There was just blood everywhere, the lobby is full of blood and just shattered glass. Everyone was in panic.”

The store is closed as police investigate. Police say at this point they have not launched a criminal investigation. The London Police Services Collision Reconstruction Unit is on scene and is expected to spend several hours investigating.