Greenfield Energy Centre Accused of “Gaming”

The Ontario Energy Board has ruled the operator of a Sarnia-area power plant gained undeserved profits by exploiting a defect in the province’s electricity system. Greenfield Energy Centre operates a natural gas fired electricity generation facility at Courtright.

A Market Surveillance Panel found the company engaged in gaming in its shut down offer price from December 2010 to August 2011 and obtained an undeserved profit of $432,000 through the Congestion Management Settlement Credit.

The credit program compensates a company when the Independent Electricity System Operator instructs it to provide more or less power to avoid possible system overloads and to maintain balance between supply and demand.

The panel report notes Greenfield Energy Centre is disappointed by the findings and at no time intended to exploit a market defect at the expense of ratepayers for taking the plant offline. The company, however, has agreed to voluntarily repay the $432,000.