County Joins Second Wind Project Appeal

Wind turbine construction off Hwy 402 at Kerwood. (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Lambton County will take part in the Environmental Review Tribunal involving Suncor’s 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind project.

County council endorsed the request by members of We’re Against Industrial Turbines (W.A.I.T.) in Wyoming Wednesday afternoon.

Deputy Warden Bev MacDougall believes its important the county takes a continuing stand with Suncor and any subsequent companies that want to come into Lambton County.

This is the second Environment Review Tribunal the county has agreed to participate in.

Audrey Broer with “We’re Against Industrial Turbines” commended Lambton’s GM of Corporate Services for work he’s done at the hearing on potential health impacts of the NextEra project, which started June 26.

If the hearing rules the giant turbines could affect the health of both humans and animals, the MOE could be ordered to revoke its approval.

Council took a formal stand this past February , declaring Lambton County an “unwilling host” of wind turbine projects.