New Timetable Approved For Arena Discussions

Its official, controversial decisions on Sarnia’s arenas won’t be made until 2015, after the fall municipal election.

In a 5-4 recorded vote, Sarnia Council approved a revised timetable for the next steps in its arena management strategy during a special meeting Monday.

Key components include the feasibility of adding one or two new pads at Clearwater Arena and Lambton College’s possible acquisition and re-purposing of the RBC Centres second rink.

Councillor Jon McEachran couldn’t support all of staff’s recommendations.

He and other councillors expressed concern that losing RBC#2 would result in the loss of silver stick tournaments.

Councillor Jim Foubister reminded his colleagues that successful silver stick tournaments were held locally long before the Clearwater and RBC arenas existed.

Work will be undertaken with staff to report back to council in January.

Council also authorize spending up to $75,000 for the feasibility analysis which will include a structural review and sponsorship program report.