“Porter” the Turtle Back Home

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre volunteer Kate Siena releasing Porter, the headline-making Port Franks turtle, back into his local waters after a year in Peterborough where the adult male Snapping Turtle was recovering and rehabilitating after a near-fatal encounter, one year ago, with a car.

Porter, the Pt. Franks snapping turtle, has been released back into the wild in his native Lambton Shores.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Spokesperson Hope Brock says the reptile suffered multiple jaw fractures and damage to his shell a year ago, after an encounter with a car.

Brock says Porter was found by Pt. Franks resident Bill Mallett, a volunteer with the area’s Turtle Monitoring Program.

She says the community effort encourages locals to report their turtle sightings to the Conservation Authority to help ensure the safety of the endangered species.

Brock encourages people who come upon a turtle crossing a road to help it. Snapping turtles should only be handled by the back of the shell. She also says to never pick a turtle up by its tail, because it can damage their spine.