County Council Rejects NextEra Appeal

NEXTera's Jericho Wind Energy Centre

Lambton County Council has rejected an appeal from NextEra Energy officials to sign a road use agreement for its 92 wind turbine project in Lambton and Middlesex Counties.

The agreement would have outlined the use of local roadways to deliver electricity to the grid from the company’s Jericho Wind Project.

NextEra spokesperson Derek Dudek told county council that the agreement was not mandatory and the company will continue to proceed with its application before the Ontario Energy Board.

The OEB recently approved construction of a collection substation and 15.7 kilometres of transmission line to connect the Jericho Wind Energy Centre to the Bornish Customer Switching station for delivery to the power grid.

An Environment Review Tribunal hearing on potential health impacts of the NextEra Energy project will be held June 26. If it rules the giant turbines could affect the health of both humans and animals, the MOE could be ordered to revoke its approval.