Progress Slow In Paquette Case

Sarnia Courthouse ( file photo by Dave Dentinger)

Judicial proceedings involving the murder of Noelle Paquette have been slowly unfolding at Sarnia Courthouse for almost a year and a half now.

The man and woman charged with first degree murder in the 27-year-old school teacher’s death appeared briefly again Monday morning┬áby video.

20-year-old Michael MacGregor’s counsel has been disqualified after a judge in the Superior Court of Justice ruled he had a conflict of interest. The lawyer had previously represented a cellmate of MacGregor’s on unrelated matters. The cellmate had been acting as a conduit in an exchange of graphic letters between MacGregor and co-accused, 32-year-old Tanya Bogdanovich while in jail.

MacGregor was remanded in custody to June 24 and Bogdanovich was also put over to that date for the scheduling of a judicial pre-trial.

Paquette’s body was found in a woodlot off Mandaumin Rd. January 2, 2013.