Salmon Derby Leaderboard May 10

There were no changes at the top of the leader board on day eight of the Salmon Derby.
The current Salmon Derby leaders are:

  • Bill Gray from Camlachie in the Salmon category with a 15.92 lbs salmon,
  • Adam Ibbetson from Burlington in the Trout – Boat category with a 10.07 lbs rainbow trout,
  • Robert Myllyoja from Sarnia in the Trout – Shore category with a 11.36 lbs rainbow trout,
  • Scott Tomlinson of Sarnia in the Lake Trout category with a 15.50 lbs lake trout,
  • Greg Hodgins from Arkona in the Walleye category with a 7.60 lbs walleye.

The Daily Big Fish winner is Bernie Caudle from Sarnia with a 12.08 lbs salmon.

The Daily Draw winners are:

  • Wayne Huettlin from Kirkton at the Port Franks weigh station, and
  • Aaron Lester from Sarnia at the Sarnia weigh station.

39 fish were entered at the Sarnia weigh station and 55 fish were entered at the Port Franks weigh station for a daily total of 94 fish. A total of 959 fish have been entered during the first eight days of the Salmon Derby.

The 2014 Salmon Derby is entering the final two days. The Salmon Derby ends at 3pm on Sunday, May 11.