Sudbury Angler Reels In Big One On Senior’s Day

The Senior Day winner at Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby is Irwin Burges from Sudbury with a 12.72 lb. salmon

There were no leader changes on day six of the Salmon Derby.

The Salmon Derby leaders are:

  • Bill Gray from Camlachie in the Salmon category with a 15.92 lbs salmon,
  • Craig Beaubien from Sarnia in the Trout – Boat category with a 9.56 lbs brown trout,
  • Robert Myllyoja from Sarnia in the Trout – Shore category with a 11.36 lbs rainbow trout,
  • Jason McMichael from Brights Grove in the Lake Trout category with a 13.32 lbs lake trout,
  • Greg Hodgins from Arkona in the Walleye category with a 7.60 lbs walleye.
  • Dave Boon from Corunna is the Daily Big Fish winner with a 13.80 lbs salmon.

The Daily Draw winners:

  • John Mentarson from Sarnia at the Port Franks weigh station, and
  • Adam Ibbotson from Burlington at the Sarnia weigh station.

34 fish were entered at the Sarnia weigh station and 50 fish were entered at the Port Franks weigh station for a daily total of 84 fish. A total of 779 fish have been entered during the first six days of the salmon derby.