Council Debates Reclaiming Centennial Park

About a million dollars worth of work has been removed from Centennial Park’s Remedial Action Plan.

Sarnia Council met in special session this afternoon to finalize the document. (Mon)

Multi-use trails and new lighting in the concept plan will not be included.

Councillor Terry Burrell says the public just wants the park back as it was.

“Its always been a great open space where you could go anywhere you wanted. I don’t think its necessary to add in the trails and lighting,” said Burrell.

Councillor Bev MacDougall told BlackburnNews she respects votes, respects democracy and respects her colleagues who want to save every dollar possible at this time. But she did admit her disappointment.

“We’re spending $3-million to remediate. Why, after spending all of that money, do we want to jeopardize the opportunity to implement some of these really good ideas down the road,” said MacDougall.

Staff have been directed to incorporate the soft cap risk mitigation measure that involves 0.5 metres of clean material, topped with grass seed in the majority of the park’s grassed areas.

Existing utilities, including water, sewer and hydro, will be left.

Remediation work in the proposed area of the Legacy project amphitheater will be excluded.

A plan to see as many trees within the impacted areas preserved was removed from the document.

Staff will pursue the donated offer for demolition of the McLean Centre and a strict policy of no ground penetration activities will be established.

The finalized plan will be presented for council approval June 30 and it’s hoped work can begin this summer.

Remediation of Sarnia Centennial Park is now estimated at $5 to $6-million over three years.