Lambton College Unveils Plans For Arena

Lambton College has unveiled preliminary renovation plans for the second ice pad at Sarnia’s RBC Centre.

The Board of Governors reiterating to council the colleges interest in purchasing the facility should the city decide to close it as part of the arena management strategy.

VP of Finance and Administration Margaret Dragan says they would like to convert RBC 2 into a multi-purpose sports and recreation venue, with potential construction of an attached fitness centre.

Dragan says it would be completely separated from RBC 1 with a new fire wall added.

She says the college understands the arena strategy is a very complex issue and will remain flexible working with the city.

Dragon says they do have a backup plan and have already discussed constructing a free standing building on the south-end of the campus.

Within the next two weeks, she says the board of governors hopes to have $1-million ear marked for a new facility.

Mayor Mike Bradley thinks the college’s plan for RBC 2 has merit.

Bradley would like a special meeting added April 28th to discuss the Arena Management Strategy.

He says staffs original plan is to bring up both the strategy and Centennial Park at the May 5th council meeting.

Bradley thinks its better if council focus’ on one big issue at a time and deal with the other the following week.