College Hosts 22nd Annual Pow Wow

Lambton College Pow Wow 2014 (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Lambton College hosted its 22nd annual Pow Wow today. (Thurs)

The event featured dancers in full regalia competing in traditional, jingle and grass dances.

Spectators were entertained by drumming and singing and had the chance to purchase native art, crafts, food and jewellery.

Marie Short’s daughter was selling native art and crafts and her grandson was dancing in the pow wow.

“The event is about showcasing our culture and who we are. When our children come to Lambton College they find comfort in knowing native studies are offered here,” says Short.

Tiffany D’Angela, a student in the college’s Developmental Service Worker program, told Blackburn News she’d had the opportunity to attend pow wow’s before and was happy she had time to check it out.

“The dancers are wonderful and the drums are just amazing. I think its really important we recognize the culture and the work that has gone into all of these beautiful costumes,” says D’Angela.