Plans For Centennial Park

Centennial Park, Summer of 2013

Concept plans for remediation and the redesign of Centennial Park include an artificial turf that would be fenced off to the public.

A staff report would see the city spend between $8.4-million and $12.5-million to dispose of contaminated soil and refurbish the popular waterfront gathering place.

Options include transforming the Dow People Place into a field house and the playground moved to the former Bayfest stage area.

Councillor Bev MacDougall says there are some interesting ideas.

The public is being urged to comment on all the proposals which will be available on the city’s website.

A public open house will be held April 15th at city council chambers.

A large portion of the popular waterfront park has been closed since May 2013 following the discovery of asbestos and other metals.