Fair Elections Act Protested

Protesters gather outside MP Pat Davidson's office March 25, 2014. The group was expressing concern over the "Fair Election Act." BlackburnNews.com (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

A handful of protesters gathered outside M-P Pat Davidson’s Sarnia constituency office this morning expressing concerns about the “Fair Elections Act.”

They say Bill C-23 would prevent Elections Canada from publicly reporting election fraud and cancel the agency’s research and public education programs.

Michael Stoesser was one of seven placard-carrying demonstrators at the M-P’s office.

He’s concerned too about the voucher system being eliminated.

M-P Davidson says there are many forms of acceptable identification allowing people to vote.

The Canadian Federation of Students and the Council of Canadians are holding “days of action” across the country today (TUES) in opposition to Bill C-23.

So far, the organizations have collected over 80,000 signatures against the proposed legislation.

The government says measures in the act, among other things, will protect voters from rogue calls and impersonation, give law enforcement sharper teeth and crack down on voter fraud.

A report commissioned by Elections Canada indicated there were irregularities in 25 per cent of cases where vouching was used in the 2011 election.