Deadlines Questioned For Arena Decisions

The Sarnia Hockey Association wants council to delay making decisions on the city’s controversial arena management strategy for a minimum of one year.

In a letter to city council Monday, chairman Mike Johnson says by holding off council would be able to explore all options, sort out exactly whats going on at the RBC Centre and create a steering committee to work with the user groups and come to a solution.

Mayor Mike Bradley says the request is unacceptable. He says this council is vested in the issue, has been involved in this issue and should be the one making decisions on this issue.

Councillor Mike Kelch suggested dropping deadline dates all together.

Council was expected to make decisions Monday, until staff informed them a draft agreement involving a potential new Sting ownership group and the operation of the RBC Centre was still in the works.

Council is now expected to make decisions on its arena strategy May 5, 2014.