Council Accepts Ownership Of Harbour photo of Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Samuel Risley at Sarnia's government dock. (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Sarnia Harbour will soon be run by the city.

City council voted 7-1 during Monday’s regular meeting to accept ownership as long as several conditions are met.

Before the vote, councillor Dave Boushy asked for the Mayor’s opinion.

Admitting he’s wrestled with the idea and had reservations, Mike Bradley told council he supported the recommendations to assume ownership.

Mike Kelch was the only councillor not convinced by the recommendations and quoted some legal advice obtained earlier by the city.

Ottawa has come forward with the full $8.5-million required for a clean transfer.

As part of the conditions, city staff have been asked to enter into an agreement with the current harbour master for his services and create a Harbour Management Committee.