Sarnia Municipal Election



Mayor Mike Bradley was elected to Sarnia Council in 1985 and elected mayor in 1988. In 2018 he was re-elected for a 10th term. Prior to this he was executive assistant to the late Hon. Justice Bud Cullen, MP for Sarnia-Lambton (1980-1985).
Mayor Bradley currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the University of Western Ontario Research Park (Sarnia Campus) and the Sarnia Police Services Board. He has championed civil liberties, security and environmental issues and has been an advocate on many other social and economic issues. Mayor Bradley has been awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for significant contributions to Canada and achievement. He appeared in Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine”.
Mayor Bradley is a frequent media commentator on local, provincial, national and international issues. For many years he wrote a column for Sarnia Lambton This Week–a mixture of humour, politics and about life–called “Open Mike”. A long-time Bruce Springsteen fan, he contributed to two books about Springsteen in 2007 and 2009 – “For You” and “The Light in the Darkness” – by Lawrence Kirsch. Over the last four years Mike Bradley has lead the community through the greatest pandemic in 100 years, continued fiscal fitness reducing debt to free up more funds for infrastructure spending and advocated on national and international issues ranging from Line 5; Hydrogen Hub; ArriveCAN app and other border issues during COVID.


My formal education is in social services, and my workplace experience is in organizational leadership and strategic planning. These interests taught me how to start and sustain successful businesses here in Sarnia and manage multi-million dollar budgets with over 70 employees. Personally, my experience as a charity director and volunteer board member educated me on how to serve others and how to be “human first” in my decision-making.
I strongly support unions and workers’ rights, public services to boost the quality of life for everyone, and scientific research to implement policy. I choose people before profits, listening before speaking, unions before corporations, quality before quantity, honesty before flattery, respect before power, and local interests before global aims. I welcome criticism, speak frankly, and enjoy the process of debate. If elected mayor, I will continue to invest my life in Sarnia, my hometown. My entire platform is at



Published Author, Editor, Reviewer and Speaker. Lived and worked in 4 different countries. Diverse experience and expertise. Margaret Brings much to the table – teaching, research, industry, business, project management, creative & cultural arts, communications, community volunteer & mentor. Leads by example. Plus 4 years on current City Council, County Council and LAWSS Board of Directors. I run on my record and stand for the people! Sarnia NEEDS a BRAND NEW CHAPTER and I want to be part of writing it! I want to make a difference. I will fight to bring back our Democracy & FREEDOMS, and for full transparency and accountability. I will push for new firms and jobs. We need to prioritize correctly and stop hiring out-of-town consultants, so that we have the money to update the CITY infrastructure. I will ensure that all aspects of life and living are treated with equality. I listen to everyone and take action. I would be honoured to continue Representing & Serving this Community.


My first priority for running again is to continue to fix roads and streets to bring them up to standard, watermains, storm sewers and sanitary sewers are also a priority, keeping in mind not to have the same miss-happening in the south part of the city occur again.
It is a must to adjust the mill rate to hold tax increases in face of increasing assessments. We should keep the taxes down as low as 2% or lower. My experience on Sarnia City and County Council and as MPP gives me the critical experience to bring our city positive and forthright leadership, steady and balanced leadership.
We need to keep Sarnia on a roll…we need economic growth to continue. We need more quality jobs and job security and the creation of new jobs. That is why we should work as a team. Teamwork will send a strong message to the outside that all of us can indeed work together and welcome new investments, new economic growth, and new jobs. We should work with major existing organizations to identify and create attractive conditions for expansions and also to encourage major new manufacturing companies to locate in Sarnia-Lambton . City Council and the Economic Development groups should seek to attract smaller companies in support of these manufacturing majors.
We must pay more attention to the environment and pollution even though it is mainly the responsibility of senior governments. Tourism is important to Sarnia, therefore we must create an attractive physical and business ambience. We must also encourage and support both artistic and sporting facilities and programs.
I believe that people come first, I believe to be the voice of the people. Having served this community I believe the people in Sarnia have faith in what I do. I will continue to serve you with sincerity, honesty and integrity, and I am faith driven. I welcome you to look at my record. Together we will continue to shine a bright light in our community, Sarnia has a lot to offer. As you have supported me in previous elections, I ask you humbly to support me again in the upcoming 2022 election to continue working on your behalf. God bless.


Born in Pinczow, Poland 1953. Studied Materials Engineering at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow Poland. Sarnia Resident since 1974. In Canada graduated from Lambton College (Chem Tech) and University of Western Ontario. Former Employee of the Research Department at Imperial Oil. Was on the Board of Directors for Nordex Explosives. Served on Sarnia Council for 24 years and on Sarnia Hydro-Electric Commission for 6 years. Former Chair of Sarnia Hydro, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority and Lambton Area Water Supply System. Served on the Board of Directors Ontario Municipal Water Association and Ontario Good Roads Association. Proficient gamer. Top ranked Sarnia Chess player for the past 47 years. Member, Hall of Fame, Port Huron Chess Club. Active community volunteer.


My name is Bill Dennis and am a lifelong Sarnia resident, Father of two sons, and married to Janice McMichael-Dennis the CEO of Bluewater Power. I have been absolutely honoured to serve my Community on Sarnia City Council for this recent 2018-2022 term. During this time, I have committed often in excess of 60 hours a week to serving our citizens. I even took the extraordinary step of retiring from my successful life long real estate career during my term as a Councillor to focus all my efforts on our City. I am looking forward to expanding my responsibilities to include County of Lambton issues as a valuable member of Sarnia City/County Council for the 2022-2026 term. Politics is my passion and I would be humbled by your support.
I am proud of my history of being a very active and effective member of Council in my last inaugural term. I am high energy, passionate, common sense “Champion For The People.” I come to every meeting fully prepared and am not afraid to speak up for what is right. I am very proud to say I have even donated my salary since the Pandemic began to help those in need. Strong, bold, courageous leadership is what we need at a time like this. I bring both energy and a heartfelt desire to move Sarnia forward and make us better. I have introduced in excess of 30 motions over my term striving for real change in the City. On one motion alone requesting an insurance tender I saved the City almost a million dollars from the expected cost level. For more information please call me personally at (519) 330-0835 or see my Facebook page @ IDeliver4SarniaLambton.


My name is Al Duffy and I am running for Sarnia City/County Council. My desire is to participate with the rest of the team that will shape the next four years in this wonderful city I have always called home. My over 60 years living in Sarnia working in so many areas as a volunteer have shaped me into the person I am. I want to give back to my city and my fellow residents. I know that a respectful, diligent, informed council working together as a team can improve the standard of living for all Sarnians go enjoy.
I have lived in Sarnia for 60 plus years. As such have had many leadership roles. Working with Tourism Sarnia Lambton and the City of Sarnia to produce the Tall Ships weekend was one of the most successful as atested to by the overwhelming attendance and profit made for the city. As Chair of the Finance committee for Alzheimer Sarnia was responsible for the operation of a very large budget. As founder of St. Claire Tae Kwon Do and head instructor I had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students self-defense, self confidence and discipline for over thirty years. Teaching for the Lambton Kent School Board and the St. Clair Catholic School board for over 40 hears was as much rewarding as was challenging. Creating the Hockey League and using that as a vehicle to take my players on trips around the world proved to be so rewarding for so many who would not otherwise have had this opportunity.
At present I sit as the Chair of The Sarnia Lambton Workplace Development Board and am a committee member at large of Tourism Sarnia Lambton. I also sit on a committee for Boxing Ontario.


My name is Chrissy McRoberts. I was born and raised in Point Edward, graduated from SCITS and enlisted in the Canadian Military. I have an Associates degree and worked in hotel management for 21 years then created my business DOG EAT DOG. I’ve spent the last 3 1/2 years supporting and working with other local businesses to build Sarnia up as a destination city filled with a unique and unified culture. I’m a City/County Councilor Candidate and wish to build an open minded council that will work together to repair this city’s core and community.


I was born in the Maritimes and moved with my family as a toddler to Sarnia. I haved lived in Sarnia for sixty-four years including my high school years at St. Patrick’s High School and later, spending four years in London, Ontario attending Western University and graduating in 1975 with a BA, majoring in Economics. My work career started in London, in the auditing division of a provincial distribution company and later I returned to Sarnia to manage our family’s jewellery business, which still operates as an importer to this day. I also assumed a career as an investment advisor until retirement, when I decided to return to municipal politics in 2018.
My reason for returning to City Council was to try and bring some stability and maturity to the City Council proceedings. My priority was to bring back a focus on Infrastructure Investment, which had declined dramatically over the previous thirty years. That has happened, as we have spent over $160 Million dollars on capital spending in the last three years with a goal of setting an even higher target over the next four years. Your roads are getting better! I know that because I am receiving comments about all the detours, as a result of re-paving and complete road re-construction. Economic development took a major step forward with the appointment of a City centric Economic Development Officer. The waterfront gained renewed interest with the re-birth of a Waterfront masterplan, that had sat dormant for 15 years. This plan will happen and you will see a renewed interest in Sarnia, as our population will begin to grow to 100,000 people by the year 2050. The rebuild of the Bright’s Grove shoreline is progressing for all Sarnia residents to enjoy.
All of these initiatives were included in a Policy Position paper that I presented to Sarnia City Council in October, 2019. Action requires leadership, which is what I presented in that Policy Paper in 2019.
Leading up to this immediate past term, I served on three different municipal councils. In Sarnia as an Alderman, in Clearwater as Reeve and Lambton County as a Councillor. On this most recent City/County Council, I have served as the City representative on the Police Services Board, Chairperson of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, Chairperson of the City’s Growth Management Committee, Lambton County Audit Committee member and Vice-Chairperson of the County’s Standing PM Committee.


I am a two-term City Councillor, and one-term County Councillor. I’m a retired filmmaker, who still dabbles in the occasional video project. I’m currently a DDP Yoga and Power Yoga instructor, as well as a professional wrestler. I’ve previously been a furniture mover, restaurant manager, building cleaner and other identities. My wife Jessi is a teacher with the LKDSB. As a father of two, including one adult child with disabilities, I’m well-known in advocacy circles. This also includes the sobriety world, as I’m presently at 12.5 years of sobriety and surrounding myself with folks with similar experiences. Currently I serve as the Family Advisory Chair at CPRI, Chair of the Male Ally Coalition and I am a former Board President of St Clair Child and Youth Services. My strengths are in building relationships, which means active listening and a serious effort to collaborate. Born and raised in Sarnia, I’ve lived in several provinces and have travelled extensively throughout North America, for both work and pleasure. I’m proud of my work during the last two terms of Council and would be honoured to further some of this very important progress that we’re collectively making. Visit for more information and social media links.




Mother, wife, social worker, business owner and “Sarnia Lifer”. Passionate advocate valuing integrity, community, and diligence. 15+ years in the field of Social Work provided key opportunities to lead, volunteer, and be a voice for change. Innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and creative partnerships are my proven pathway to get it done. I whole heartedly believe supporting youth and families ensure continued success, growth, and viable solutions for Sarnia.


I have lived in Sarnia my entire life (38 years). I attended Lambton College and completed the Instrumentation program. I am raising a small family with two daughters. I’m a proud union member of the pipefitters local UA 663. I’ve help start up and complete numerous industrial construction projects across Canada. I was an elected member for the UA 663 financial committee. Also, I’m a part-time trainer at the union hall.
I decided to run for city council because as a long time resident, I have noticed that there are areas that need improvement. My main goal is to help provide more programs for children and to make the programs more affordable for families so that children do not get left behind. My career experience gives me the ability to read blueprints, get estimates and understand infrastructure, which I feel would be a huge asset for the city. I’d also like to provide more transparency for all projects and undertakings that are going on within the city. At the end of the day, my main goal is to help everyone in the community to create a better and more inclusive place to live. Facebook page: Adam Beck for Sarnia City Council


I want to add my sound judgement to city council decisions. Sound judgement comes from listening and learning the facts before decisions are made. Listen, Learn, Decide. Reliance on those three words will form my consistent commitment to a structurally sound, financially sound, and socially sound city. If elected that commitment will determine my vote on every issue coming before the nine- member city council.
My background: I was born in 1954 at London, Ontario and attended school in London where I also worked at McDonald’s for 10 years. I studied at Western University and Fleming College before graduating from the Conestoga College journalism program.
After graduation I worked as a reporter at weekly newspapers in Golden and Quesnel, B.C. After returning to Ontario I was a reporter at the Sarnia Observer for 33 years covering municipal councils, courts, schools and community events until retirement in 2018. Lori and I recently celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. Facebook: Neil


Terry Burrell’s Election Poem:
I’ve served on Council 24 years
And I’ve had lots of fun
Helping folks as best I can
Good years of distance run
Serving the people of Sarnia
Has been a privilege you see
And now I’d like to tell you
Why you should re-elect me
I’ve been Chair of the Water Plant
To help to keep you clean
Shower alone, or with a friend
We won’t say what we have seen
I’m Vice Chair of BPAC
We join with the USA
We are improving the St Clair River
Day by day by day
With the Friends of the St Clair River
A local NGO
We start a pond or fix a marsh
And help the fishies grow
Twenty years on the Board of Conservation
The droughts, the floods, the streams
We plant the trees and guard the freeze
And implement the dreams
I’m an Accountant that’s saved Sarnia Millions
But that’s just part of my day
If you want to know more about me
Please visit Terry Burrell dot CA


Lo-Anne Chan has been a resident of the City of Sarnia since 2012. She has made a home in the High Park, Sandy Lane and Oak Acres neighborhoods with her husband, Joe, and their four children.
Lo-Anne believes in the power of collaboration to make positive change, where our diversity is a strength. An active volunteer since she was a teenager, Lo-Anne has worked with a variety of community organizations to deliver a cultural perspective to policy discussions and to launch new community initiatives. In 2014, Lo-Anne launched The LOEY Project to create a speakers’ event to bring attention to and celebrate youth leaders from Aamjiwnaang. Lo-Anne is a co-founder of The Table (a networking group to empower female and non-binary entrepreneurs), and a Breastfeeding Buddy with the North Lambton Community Health Centre. As a trained Child Passenger Safety Technician, Lo-Anne is on-call to provide car seat safety education for caregivers through Lambton Public Health, the Pregnancy Options & Support Centre and Ska:na Family Learning Centre. She is the Past-President of the Sarnia Ultimate Club, and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Sarnia-Lambton Children’s Aid Society. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, minoring in Psychology and a certificate en Français pratique to appease her parents, Lo-Anne decided to pursue a career in retail in order to gain practical experience working and getting to know the public directly. After her maternity leave with her first child, Lo-Anne started working with small business owners to learn various “tools of the trade”. In 2021, Lo-Anne launched her own business, Jiak, and currently works out of a kitchen in Mitton Village.

You can stay connected with Lo-Anne through the following channels:  |


I do my best with whatever I have, wherever I am causing no harm. Common sense with responsible decision making is a must have! A citizen of Sarnia. No stranger to Local Politics attending all “In Person” City Council meetings the past five years. A delegate April 2018 re: “Paper Ballot” vote 2018 City Election. Forty years a Bookkeeper. Also Retail Management/Customer Service. My father, a recipient of “Long Service Medal” thirty years Sarnia Fire Department, retired 1976. My mother a long time community contributor, banker, church organist/choir director musician. My daughter, grandson, two brothers and families are my joy. Film/TV Dramas, Music, Literature, Chocolate and gift design and production are hobbies.


Born and raised in Sarnia. Graduated from Sarnia Northern Collegiate. Bachelor of Arts/Community Service from Cape Breton University. MBA at the National Sun Yat Sen University (Taiwan) in International Business.
2014 – Vice President Of Business Development – LVMH
2015 -Chief Operating Officer – Absolute Lifestyle Corp
2017 – Director of Corporate Operations – Anytime Fitness China
2020 – President/CEO – Anytime Fitness Taiwan
2022 – Founder – FIT24
I have conceived, fundraised for and operated multi-million dollar companies in my time successfully breaking brands in the world’s most competitive markets (Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei). My wife Vickey is Taiwanese and we have a daughter – Narisse.
Why am I Running? I love the city and want to give it the same energy and determination I did in my private career. I will work tirelessly to promote, persuade and advocate for us all. Sarnia’s population has contracted since the turn of the century – while Canada has grown by roughly 30%. We are shrinking, and with that so is our tax base. This reality puts stress on services and offers our residents a less than fulfilling life experience. Drugs and crime as well as mental health have become serious concerns for our residents and I want to be part of the team that provides the solution(s) for hard hit families. With my background, I am well positioned to help lead Sarnia forward to a safer, more prosperous and inclusive city. I’ve conceived, fundraised, structured and operated multi-million dollar brands in different tax/legal and cultural environments and it is with this real and formative preparation that I am confident I can get us to a better place. I am a serious executive by trade, and I will be Serious for Sarnia.  |


Robert Dickieson was born in Starnberg, Germany in 1982. He was raised in Munich. Robert has one brother. Robert studied business administration at the University of Passau before purchasing a farm and immigrating to Nova Scotia to focus on his love for animals. He attended the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, followed by the Atlantic Veterinary College (PEI) where he obtained his Doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine. Upon graduating in 2015, with the support of his wife Ellan, Robert pursued regulatory veterinary medicine and accepted a job in Sarnia. Robert and Ellan have two young children, Dorothea and Felix and enjoy hosting international students in their downtown Sarnia heritage home.
Why Am I Running? I started to be politically active in the student assembly of the University of Passau, Germany. Politics always interested me. I stay up-to-date with German politics as well as Canadian politics. My path in life took me to different places, urban and rural in Germany and Canada (NS, PEI and now ON). I see great potential in Sarnia and I hope that I can bring new ideas and proven concepts to the table. I want to help to lead Sarnia to a better and prosperous future.
Vision For Sarnia: My vision for Sarnia is an inclusive urban design for people aged 1 – 100. I propose to end urban sprawl and grow with a strong focus on our urban core. The zoning and land-use bylaws must be changed to allow for densification with a mix of residential and commercial use. Underutilized city property needs to be developed to its highest use. This urban infill growth creates more dwelling units and vibrant neighborhoods. A larger residential population will bolster existing businesses and create opportunities for new ones. This will reinvigorate a walkable downtown core that radiates outward to surrounding neighbourhoods. Densification results in sustainable development: it generates more “tax revenue per acre” and can afford to maintain infrastructure in the long term. Financially sound growth will help with the implementation of the existing waterfront and transportation master plans. Development of vibrant, inclusive and active spaces will make Sarnia shine.
Tackle Infrastructure Issues: We must address the problem of our crippling critical infrastructure in a strategic, systemic and proactive manner. Simply paving a road will not fix the crumbling infrastructure beneath. While we must prioritize the worst underground infrastructure first, we need to think long-term and take the complete system into consideration.
+1 (226) 784-5666  |


My name is Anne Marie Gillis. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. I am a volunteer, musician (Cantor), and a former politician. I held public office for 18 years, as a school board trustee, a City Councillor and Chair of the Police Services Board for the City of Sarnia. As well I was a city County Councillor (representing Sarnia) and Deputy Warden for Lambton County.
I am an Honour Graduate of Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology, Health Sciences, and a Registered Nurse, Retired. I have remained an observer of the current Council and have been dismayed by what I have seen. The Exit of Staff has been alarming, and the hostility of Council Members to each other as well those who they pay to train and educate them, is truly an embarrassment.
As a resident and advocate for the city of Sarnia, I could not sit back! City Councillors reflect the community they serve. Their Constituents expect them to work together to improve their community. A Collaborative respectful Council can achieve “Anything” As your Councillor I will: “Bring Back Civility” “I Will Always Have Your Back”
Anne Marie’s Priorities: Grey Infrastructure: Develop a real Action Plan to reduce the backlog, Using debt Strategically.
Green Infrastructure: Re-invigorate our Parks and expand our Trail Systems
Mental Illness and our Aging Demographic: Ensure that safety nets are in place for all who need them
The Opioid Crises: Building on what is already in place and adopt New Strategies.
My Leadership Experience and Responsibilities’ have given me the knowledge base to know what it takes to make our city the best it can be.
Vote Anne Marie Gillis for Sarnia City Council!


Adam Kilner is a United Church minister, musician, pet-lover, and community volunteer. He is a squash instructor and player, a Big Brother, and board member of Community Legal Assistance Sarnia, Children’s Aid, Victoria University at UToronto, and more. Critical to Adam’s campaign are:
1. A municipal affordable housing strategy
2. Development of community hubs
3. Infrastructure as positive investment
4. Promoting Sarnia as an inclusive community
Adam is invested in this community, is connected to our organizations and businesses, is passionate about our community, and is ready to serve you. For more information visit


I’m married with two daughters and have lived in Sarnia for 25 years. Early in my career I worked as an environmental consultant. Recently, I managed the local water treatment plant. I have a bachelors, masters and doctorate in environmental engineering from the universities of Guelph and Toronto. I am currently Western Region Councillor for Professional Engineers Ontario.
I believe Sarnia suffers from chronic underinvestment in its assets. I want to help the city solve this problem. Sarnia truly is a place we all want to be but we want to make sure we keep our tax rates reasonable while delivering all the key services. We also want to focus on looking after the most vulnerable in our society. You can learn more about me on my Facebook page called Susan MacFarlane for Sarnia City Council.


Hello fellow Sarnians. Here is a little info about me: I’ve been a Sarnian for over 40 years now and I love this city !!! My family moved here when I was three. My father, George Mathieson worked in The Valley as a union electrician for the IBEW local 530. I grew up in Sherwood Village where my mother still lives. The first house that I owned was on Indian road. A lovely neighborhood as well. I currently live in Bright’s Grove. I truly enjoy and appreciate every section of our city.
As a child, I went to elementary and secondary school in Sarnia. Throughout school, I volunteered a lot at our hospitals. I gained a healthy respect for health care workers early on in life. I maintained a residence in Sarnia all while attending universities. I have multiple degrees and education is important to me. I have been working as a teacher here for 20 years. Working with kids is a passion of mine. I have had the opportunity to teach adults French Language Studies at night. I have also helped to run leadership camps for University Students with the group Pédagogie Culturelle. These were very enriching experiences. My early committee work includes being a member of the Executive Committee for Rayjon Sharecare, being on Student Council for King’s College at the University of Western Ontario and many Youth Leadership Groups. During this time, I started volunteering in 3rd world countries and began travelling the world. This gave me a lot of perspective on how things work elsewhere and a greater appreciation for where I come from. Years later, I’ve been on a provincial committee for women’s leadership for the French teachers union, I was on The Executive for my local French teacher’s union and I had the privilege of serving as the President for the Franco-Ontarian Catholic teachers for South Western Ontario AEFO (Association des enseignants et enseignantes franco-ontarien et franco-ontarienne unité 63). I took a hiatus from committee work when I welcomed my amazing daughter into the world. She is now four years old. I want her to grow up proudly in a society that embraces diversity and includes everyone. This is something I hold at my core and is obvious wherever I work. I am currently on the Board of Directors for the Bluewater Anglers and have been very involved on their Salmon Derby Committee. I even got to be the co-Master of ceremonies for the Salmon Derby Awards Night. This year was also a special one for my family, because we got to adopt a puppy rescued from the North by our local Humane Society. They are an amazing group that do a lot for our local pets.
I love our city and want to be a voice for change that helps improve the lives of our citizens. I am proud to be from here and want a city everyone else is proud to be from as well. I’m a strong woman, devoted mother and a hard worker that gets things done. I am not afraid to have challenging discussions and I speak my mind with respect and common courtesy. I would be honoured to have the chance to serve the citizens of Sarnia on City Council.


I am a former businessman for over 50 years and manufactured pain in Brampton, Ontario. Also a former officer in the Canadian Army. My mandate is to stop the waste of taxpayer money, and there is plenty of it, like millions. My vote on this nonsense will be a simple ‘NO’. I want to effect a continued reduction of taxes, every year, constantly. Someone often presents ill conceived ideas and projects that Sarnia just does not need and they use your money! I want to significantly reduce the drug problem and rent and housing prices are too high, these need to be reduced. My job will probably make me a little unpopular, but you need your money in your pocket and not being spent by fools. (226) 222-8630.


My name is Michelle Parks, and I would be honoured to have your vote for Sarnia City Council this October. I am a lifelong resident of Sarnia/Lambton and have lived in Sherwood Village since the age of 18 years old. I am married to my husband Scott and have two grown children. I am a graduate of both Lambton and Humber College specializing in the Tourism Sector and Real Estate, respectively with extensive knowledge in both areas.
I currently work for Exit Realty Twin Bridges and previously for Habitat for Humanity Sarnia/Lambton The YMCA of Sarnia/Lambton, Hiawatha Racetrack Slots and Tourism Sarnia/Lambton. I also served 12 years as a School Board Trustee and am experienced in board governance, Roberts Rules and Diversity and Equity Training. In the last four years as a private citizen, I have accomplished a lot and was the recipient of the S.A.S.C.S.L 2020 International Women’s Day Award and was named to the 2022 Mayors Honour List. I am the Founding member of Tampon Tuesday Sarnia Lambton which has collected close to 6000 boxes of menstrual products for those in need. I also led the initiative to ensure that menstrual products were free and available and accessible in all local schools including Lambton College and all city owned buildings. In addition, I am a co-founder of Save Jackson.I am involved with many local boards and committees including Bluewater Health Foundation, Talk for Tamara, WES For Youth Online and The Sarnia Lambton Suicide Prevention Committee. Pool and SMALL, a group fighting to bring Tiny Homes to Sarnia Lambton. I was honoured to serve the people of Sarnia by sitting on the 2022 Election Committee ensuring paper ballot voting and internet voting is available this coming election.  |
Call or Text: 519-918-2942


Hello, my name is Georgette M. J. Parsons, and I would like your vote for Sarnia City Council.
I was born and raised here in Sarnia, and have been living in Coronation Park for 43 years! I am fully bilingual, in English and French. I graduated from Lambton College alumni and was a Registered Nurse. I used my nursing and health care skills to run my own Nursing Paramedical business for many years.
In my early 30’s I started to volunteer heavily for the organizations and causes that I am passionate about. I have been an activist and an advocate for many people…people who are usually minimized, marginalized and / or ignored. That is my passion, helping people who have a hard time being heard, navigating systems and being a voice for the voiceless.
I have 35 years of “Board of Directors” experience. I have served on the Board of Directors for the following organizations:
1. the Sexual Assault Survivors Centre Sarnia Lambton for over 35 years, serving as President of the Board for 25 of those years.
2. for the Woman’s Interval Home
3. for the Sarnia Branch of the I.O.D.E.
4. and for the Sarnia Humane Society
I have also received very good “diversity”, “inclusivity” and “equality” training. I have been a member of the committee “Coalition Against Human Trafficking”, and also the committee “Eradication of Puppy Mills”. I have been honoured to receive numerous local and provincial “Volunteer Service Awards” over the last 35 years, including an Ontario-wide “Victim Services Award of Distinction”, plus I was very honoured to receive a local International Woman of the Year Award, and I have had the honour of being on the Mayor’s Honour List.
Here are some of the things that are currently important to me:
1. Infrastructure/Roads– it is a known fact that the city has fallen way behind in road repairs, specifically in “resurfacing”. In most circumstances the annual “patching” is a waste of time and money. We need to save some money in discretionary spending areas plus increase our budget significantly and do a lot of road resurfacing over the next 5 to 10 years.
2. Coronation Park and surrounding areas “Flooding”. This is an issue that has been happening for a long, long time in this neighbourhood, and it is time for the city and the residents to solve this issue once and for all.
3. Homelessness – the number of “homeless” people in the city has increased dramatically over the last 5 years or so. We need to urgently increase numerous types of “housing solutions” for the homeless.


My name is Dylan Stelpstra and I was born and raised here in Sarnia. I’m married to my best friend, Shawna, and we are excited in the anticipation of our first born in November. I’m a social worker who has been working in child welfare for almost 10 years. I’ve been active in my local union (OPSEU 168) as the vice-president for almost as long as I have been working. In my work, both social work and union, I’ve learned to listen to people and advocate for people in a variety of ways.
I’m running because Sarnia is an amazing city to live in and it’s time to take the next step towards becoming a family and youth friendly city with a thriving local economy that is supported by the city. I want Sarnia to be a community that people are excited to come back to if they’ve left, talk about when they are gone, and miss when they can’t be here. This starts with city councillors that listen to our community and advocate for it. We need to have a council that is easily accessible to all members of our community.
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My life revolves around my dogs, two daughters, and girlfriend Stacey who works at Bluewater Health. I am the eldest of four children, raised by my mother after my father’s passing when I was only nine. I
graduated from The Goodman School of Business (Brock University) with a Bachelor of Business degree. I was chair of the Business Faculty, sat on the Presidential Search Committee and was the VP of Finance for the Undergraduate Business Association. I’ve operated a small business; I own affordable rental properties and worked for two Fortune 500 companies in sales and consulting. I’m currently employed with a broker/importer, negotiating contracts with distributors and restaurants.
Sarnia requires young, fresh leadership with purposeful action. Sarnia must attract and retain families by making the city more affordable, safe, and exciting for all citizens. This can be accomplished through the expansion of civilian-led, community-based, well-being and prevention-focused strategies. We must ensure agency funds are available for an equitable Sarnia as well as mental health initiatives, drug rehabilitation and homelessness with minimal barriers. Sarnia must expedite the sewer separation program in areas affected by flooding. Sarnia must invest in the future of all infrastructure projects and levy larger penalties for delays, so they are completed on time. Sarnia cannot cut corners on the waterfront development masterplan. This will be the “gem” our city is built on for generations. Sarnia needs to maximize grant money, use tax dollars wisely to make it spectacular. Sarnia can adjust bylaws to incorporate new builds, infill, allowing stacked townhouses or multiple residential units on lots to lower the cost of homes. I will work diligently and collaboratively to uncover a common vision to move Sarnia forward, focused on specific, measurable, and achievable results and execute on the strategic plans that will be or have been initiated. I will work hard for every Sarnia citizen.
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I may sound familiar because this is my third time running in the Sarnia Municipal election. I am a long time resident of Sarnia so I am familiar with the minuses and pluses of Sarnia. I presently work for Commissionaires Great Lakes in Security and have worked the front lines since the Covid pandemic started. I feel I would be a asset in decision making and to be able to address your concerns.
I have served on the Sarnia Advisory Board briefly and the Sarnia Election Committee in which, we the board members, were able to ensure paper ballots were reinstated. I have many concerns I would like draw attention to when I am elected.
I. Our roads and sewers are still in dire straits and now with all the homes that are getting flooded repeatedly in some of the areas of Sarnia. Let’s FIX the problem!
II. Affordable housing-this is another major problem. Due to the extensive numbers of out of city students and as well as contract workers coming from all over Canada to work in Chemical Valley. We have not the proper accommodations to house them.Our own locals cannot find places to live.
III. Homelessness and the severity of the drugs and deaths from overdoses there is not enough done to clean up the city and our system has failed us.
IV. lack of service for yard debris pick up during the summer months. Should be picked up at least by weekly. Of course I have more concerns that when elected I intend to address.
i. Vision for Growth- I feel our young people are our help! We need to have a ‘future’ to offer them with more trades and decent jobs. If not they will leave Sarnia for better opportunities elsewhere.
ii. infrastructure-big concern! Stop spending where not necessary to start with. This is a topic all my itself. There are many concerns and with myself and you bringing them forward I will address them when I am elected.
Your vote for Marie Timperley! Can make things possible. Thank you


My name is George Vandenberg and I am seeking re-election as Sarnia City Councillor. Having served the City of Sarnia for the past four years as councilor and in many years past as a Sarnia Police Officer, Chair and Board Member of the Sarnia Humane Society, Board Member of the John Howard Society and other groups. I have resided in Sarnia since 1968. Married with two children and four grandchildren all residing in Sarnia. My mother is also residing in Sarnia. Currently  a member of the Law Society of Ontario and practicing as a Licenced Paralegal. I live here because I think this is the best place in Canada.


Mini Biography: Born in Chatham Ontario. Lived in various southern Ontario locations. Graduated grade 13 with 10 credits: 3 maths, 4 sciences. Graduated Niagara College – Mechanical Engineering Technology
Post Graduation Courses: ITP (Information Technology professional)
Small Business Management – Sheridan College
Dale Carnegie
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Licensed Instructor
Various counseling courses
Work Experience: Xerox of Canada – Technical Representative
Clyde Mast Group – National Service Manager
Nezron Office Products – founder – sold businesses
Copy Mart – founder – closed after supplier loss
STS (Specialized Technical Service) co-founder – sold business
Automotive Dreams – Closed business
Snap-On Tools -franchise operator
PTS (Professional Technical Services) – Sold Business – Retired
Why am I running for Sarnia City Council? I’ve been retired for 10+ years. Back in February when asked by a close friend to run for council I laughed. His question started me thinking and paying closer attention to our city’s current and longer term issues. I am certain that, given my background, experience and training, I can make a significant difference for the City of Sarnia. A difference in the decision making processes, a difference in the image of Sarnia city council, and an increased technical understanding at the city council level. I take this opportunity to be a positive influence in our chosen community very seriously. We started businesses in Sarnia in 1990. We have enjoyed life in Sarnia for 22 years.
Volunteer Involvement: Ward 2 advisory council -Brampton Ontario
Beaver leader, Cub Scout Akela – Gilwell Scouter – Brampton 6th
Congregational Pastor – District Administrator – Community of Christ Counselor, instructor, camp director – youth camps and family camps
Strangway hobby-shop supervisor
Flood Disaster Meeting – Set agenda, Researched Flooding Solutions
Developed Overheads re Proper House Sewer Pipe & Sump Pump connections to City Mains
Flood Disaster Meeting Moderator Consultant and Advisor to flood victims through “We the Flooded- Sarnia”